Advice to New Vapers

If you are considering starting to vape I need to point out a few things.

1.    You need to never buy an eCig from a C-Store. They only sell eCigs with PG eliquid.

2.    PG liquid is using a base liquid of Proprolene Glycol. This is safe in low quantities; but it attracts
       water to it so in regular use it can cause an increase of water in your lungs. This is especially
       bad for COPD patients quitting smoking. Instead get a tank style eCig and VG liquid.

3.    VG liquid is Vegetable Glycerin based and actually cleans out impurities from your lungs.

4.    Get a Joyetech eCig "eGo-T;  Joyetech eVic; Joyetech eGo-C." You do not need a starter
       kit if you get an eGo-T usb battery + Atomizer/Cartomizer + pack of tanks. The 1000ma battery
       will last about 18 hours and you can charge it overnight.

5.    The Joyetech eVic is a little spendy but its cheaper to buy the starter kit and it's the Cadillac of
       eCigs right now and it extremely customizable. You can adjust current; voltage; ect. and it hooks
       up to a PC with downloadable program to keep track of settings and you personal vaping use. 

6.    I advise you to get eliquid that is one strength stronger nicotine level than the cigarette that you
       are currently smoking. ie: Marlboro is about a 15mg/ml equal. Get a small (15ml) bottle of
       18mg/ml eliquid to start then you can stock up on 60ml bottles of 15mg/ml. This helps curb
       the cravings when you start. 

Hope this helps

New Updates

I have added new site addresses so you can go direct to sites that have changed their addresses.

Esmokeronline discount code

The February code is "esmoker february"

Great New eCigg. -- eGo-T

There is a new Atomizer for the eGo eCig. It uses a tank tip to hold the fluid that does not need the stuffing to hold fluid, The tank is easy to fill and does not leak. 

The only problem is that it is so in demand that you will have to shop a number of sites to find both parts of the system. ie:Atomizer and the Tank. You must have both in order for it to work.

I recommend the see thur tanks so you can see when they are getting low on fluid.

If you don't have an eGo already Y should probably go for the starter kit which are more available than the sperate parts however if you want the 18 hour battery (1000 mw) batteries you will have to order  piece by piece, Battery  - Atomizer  - Tank  - Charger  - high current plug.

Good Vaping
Ron savings coupon

The coupon code to save 10% and free shipping for January is "esmoker january"

This is the best site for people who are just switching from regular ciggs. to ecigs. I strongly recommend that you get "VG" LIQUID. 

For those of you who are heavy smokers I also recommend the eGo with the mega atomizer/cartrige; or if ordering from the Chinese site (Heavens Gifts) they call it the type "B" mega atomizer and cartrige. This cartrige and the 900ma eGo battery will last a 2+ pack a day smoker all day and then some and the cartrige holds about 2 packs worth of fluid. I also find that it gives a more satisfying amount of vapor.

Great Vaping

PS: Hope you enjoy the video on the home page.

Vapors News

I hope I can help the new Vaper to understand and use their new and safer/cheeper way to satisfy the nicatine craveing.  Keep watching as I will try to keep you up to date with the old and new equipment and also ways to avoid some of the mistakes that I have made.


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